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Sales Enablement: The New B2B Distraction

Stary Wonderment Knowing me, you would agree that I am a huge proponent of utilizing innovative technologies to streamline business processes. Just this weekend, the inventor of email and the use of “@”, Ray Tomlinson passed away. The changes his invention brought to our world are nothing short of mind blowing. Even so, email

Sales Enablement: The New B2B Distraction2019-11-06T15:19:21+00:00

Lead Development the Right Way

Lead Development: A seamless transition from marketing to sales. The modern buyer journey has forever changed the rules of customer engagement. In the B2B world, customers undertake a self-guided education into the strategic and operational possibilities. From an onlooker's vantage point buyers initiate a passive journey, consuming information across various digital and physical properties that are more general

Lead Development the Right Way2019-11-06T14:48:17+00:00

Top 5 Partner Ecosystem Mistakes

Route-to-Market Goes Through Partners It's quite rare to see an enterprise B2B company that isn't leveraging one or more partner channel to achieve growth and revenue objectives. These partner channels fill very specific roles, ultimately contributing to a sustaining ecosystem of complimentary products, services and communities of practice. From OEMs and ISVs to Solution Providers and VARs,

Top 5 Partner Ecosystem Mistakes2019-11-06T14:48:47+00:00

Fishy Demand-Side Supply Chain

Demand-Side Supply Chain - For the Fishes! from Tracy Thayne Marketing's Role on the Demand-Side Supply Chain With this SlideShare, I wanted to help the FISH2.0 people out with a Marketing take on their Seafood Supply Chain. Evolution of the modern buyer requires that marketing take a more strategic role on the demand side

Fishy Demand-Side Supply Chain2019-11-06T14:49:20+00:00

Why Enterprise Dinosaurs Die

Changing Business Climate = Changing Demand Process Not unlike the Tyrannosaurus Rex of over 65 million years ago, legacy enterprise businesses are coming to the end of dominance. They are dying the slow death brought on by size and the inability to generate demand enough to feed their appetites and maintain a healthy existence. In comparison,

Why Enterprise Dinosaurs Die2019-11-06T14:50:06+00:00

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